Sheep Amigurumi

So I’ve been knitting a lot! But since I’m a novice, the tension is all nice and uneven and I’m really slow at it. I’m using English style after a failed attempt at Continental knitting, so, again, as a novice, I’m using that huge throwing motion that is already making my wrists hurt. I’m hoping as I become more efficient I can start flicking the yarn or otherwise become more efficient.

But I wanted to share a project I made for H’s grandparents this past Christmas.

Lamb Amigurumi

They raise sheep, so I thought this would be appropriate. This is the only picture I have, since I finished it late night before I gave it to them. The original pattern is located at Harugurumi. I changed it a little- I didn’t use fuzzy white yarn, and I changed the gray to a black, since they raise Hampshires. I love cute amigurumi!