Learning to Knit

So I’m definitely an avid crocheter, but I always wanted to learn how to knit. I’ve had a pair of knitting needles sitting in my studio for awhile, still in their package, so I decided this weekend to sit down and teach myself.

At first I’m just ridiculously confused.

…but then I’m slowly getting it!

I still prefer crochet at this point, probably because knitting feels so slow to me because I’m so new at it! But my goal is to knit a pair of socks, and I won’t stop until I do! Though I think my first project will be a nice, simple dishcloth.


Fundraising for The World Race

So a friend of mine is participating in The World Race mission trip next year, visiting 11 different countries, and she has been doing her best to raise the funds she needs. I offered to help her out by selling some of my crocheted hats.

I’m selling three kinds of hats: my favorite Slouchy hat (shown above), the Flower hat, and the Poké-Slouch Pokémon hat. I’m also taking special requests too. You can check it out here: Lucy Morgan: The World Race.

If you want a crocheted creation from me, I highly recommend taking this opportunity, the price can’t be beat! Hats are only $15, $11 if you’re a student! After this fundraising is over, I’ll still be selling my creations, but the price will go up. Contact Lucy if you are interested.

Botanical Garden Visit.

This past weekend my husband and I went to the botanical gardens. It was a little cool, but it was wonderful to see all the flowers in bloom! Tulips, daffodils, pansies dominated the scene.

pink tulips



In the Japanese Garden! I’m wearing my mustard colored crocheted slouchy hat, which I absolutely love. My go-to pattern for slouchy hats. So comfortable and warm!


Amigurumi Orange.

One thing I’ve recently learned about myself is I like to shop for yarn when I’m stressed.


Red Heart Soft was on sale at Michaels, so I picked up some skeins of that. I also saw that lovely Red Heart Boutique purple yarn, I figured I could make a scarf out of that. A bit pricy normally, but armed with coupons it wasn’t so bad! And I’ve been on a dish cloth kick so I got another Lily Sugar ‘n Cream.

I specifically wanted to get orange yarn so I could make this little guy I dreamed up.


An amigurumi orange fruit! I made him to be the mascot of a Vitamin C and kids project I’m working on for my Nutrition Lifecycle project. The leaf pattern was found at Easy Makes Me Happy.


Yarn stash!

So I thought I’d start out with presenting my yarn stash!



I know it’s relatively small compared to some stashes I’ve seen on the internet, but it still makes me happy. It was a bit less messy before I started some new projects, one of which is a green dish towel on the bottom there.

One reason I like having a stash is that, even though I have a bunch of ideas for projects, whenever I finish with one I can just grab the yarn I need for whatever strikes me.